Can we make utorrent downloding speed uptp 1mb/s per second?

Answer No.

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How can i make my Utorrent speed faster?

Seeders play a big role in downloading. Make sure you are choosing files with the largest number of seeders possible. choose a files which have largest number of seeders which will help you to down... Read More »

Increase speed of utorrent?

The downloading speed of uTorrent is both limited by the uploaders, your own personal internet connection, and how much you are uploadingThe more, or faster uploaders, the faster you will download.... Read More »

How i can increase speed of utorrent?

It's not just dependent on your download speed but the seeders upload speed as well.You can set up port forwarding as Joel said to help with the speed a little.Torrents ARE very easy to track. You ... Read More »

How do I use a uTorrent Speed Booster?

Visit a Freeware WebsiteGo online to a freeware website that offers free downloads of various software, such as Download the free software. The uTorrent Speed Booster software will... Read More »