Can we have a new section for all the kids asking "How much to get me drunk"?

Answer Let's not forget the "I ate a cracker that was one day past the 'expiration' date, am I going to die?" questions.Y!A should just have a category named Stupid Questions, and have software that can f... Read More »

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Ok I just turned 21 so i wanna get drunk. I brought vodka, now how much do i have to drink to get drunk?

Drink 1 ounce every 15 minutes until I start looking sexy. Then stop 'cause you're drunk.

How much of cider would you have to have to get drunk?

dude you can't get drunk off cider unless its going bad- and in that case you risk getting really really sick instead of drunk. its ok to mix drinks

Please Comment ....Shoud there be a Section for Kids& Simple English users, Like we have in

i personally agree with the simple english version, but kids don't need to be on the net unsupervised. so they don't need their own section.

Is there any point in getting drunk Be Serious! I'm 21 + have never been drunk. Am I missing out on anything?

I drink now, but used to be teetotal, and here's what I think:You can have a few drinks, and enjoy sensibly without having to get drunk. Alcohol can be a supremely enjoyable social lubricant, so I... Read More »