Can we have a new section for all the kids asking "How much to get me drunk"?

Answer Let's not forget the "I ate a cracker that was one day past the 'expiration' date, am I going to die?" questions.Y!A should just have a category named Stupid Questions, and have software that can f... Read More »

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Why do all you kids wanna get drunk?

I Know some under aged Who Drank AlcoholAll people here R Giving long answersThe Answer is Simple :Every forbidden Thing is WantedIf it was allowed to drink under 18 many Under aged Drinkers Wouldn... Read More »

How to Set Up a Kids' Section on a Website?

Even though kids can't exactly drive to your store or have credit cards to make purchases on your site, marketing to children has become a must for any business that might have any appeal to childr... Read More »

Are there limitations on the number of kids per section?

This is due to the amount of oxygen masks. You can only seat as many people in a row as there are masks available in the overhead compartment. Typically each block of seats have 1 extra masks, so a... Read More »

Am i eligible for Welfare, and/or section 8 as a full-time student in NY, with no kids?

I would contact the Department of Human services where you live because they can definitely help you with the specifics. Whether your parents claim you or not does not matter; if they do not provid... Read More »