Can we have 3d glasses without batteries?

Answer I think yes! Today I was reading an article on LGs Face book page that finally LG has launched its 'battery free' comfortable 3d glasses with FPR 3d tech in India. So yes I can say we've 3d glasses... Read More »

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Do you HAVE TO wear glasses for sometime and THEN wear contacts or just wear contacts without wearing glasses?

no u can judt start wearing contacts. they let me. u just have to have a perscription to get them.

Do I look better with glasses or without glasses (pics)?

How can I have better eyesight without wearing glasses or contacts?

Artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) are all alternatives to our natural perfect eyesight. We are all supposed to have natural perfect eyesight and most of us can return to it. Most e... Read More »

What type of batteries do 3D TV glasses use?

Most active 3D glasses use lithium batteries. They are the smallest batteries currently available for this type of application with a high energy storage for their size. They are not user replaceab... Read More »