Can we detect a hidden cameraplz..ans..asap?

Answer You will need to do a physical search of the area. Cameras can be made pretty small, and can also be made wireless.There's two main types of wireless cameras: wired cameras and wireless cameras.Wi... Read More »

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Will i be able to detect a hidden cam using metal detector?

Start looking for what all cameras need: a power source, and a place in which to mount themselves properly so they are oriented or pointing at their intended target.Chances are, you don't spend a l... Read More »

How to Detect Hidden Cameras and Microphones?

Do you feel like you're being watched? Maybe you just want to make sure your privacy is protected. Here are some different ways to locate hidden cameras and microphones.

How can I get rid of hidden computer viruses that my anti-virus couldn't detect?

You should change to a better anti-virus like Avast version 4.8 orAvira Personal edition ;-pBoth are free for personal use and their virus detection rate are very high -> Meaning that either one of... Read More »

Folder is hidden & hidden check mark is disabled?

first you must remove the system attribut from the folder by use this command : attrib -s foldernamethen u can right click on folder ..... and uncheck the hidden