Can we convert old transparency's (photo slides) in to a CD or DVD How can we do it?

Answer Look for the highest quality scanner you can get in your price range (and consider upping your price range if necessary), which has the ability to scan transparencies. Not all do, and not all do it... Read More »

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How do I convert photo slides onto dvd?

Create a FolderExamine the slides, and determine which of them you want featured on the DVD. Save each of the scans into a folder. Right-click anywhere on your desktop. Select "New," and choose "Fo... Read More »

How do I add blank slides to Photo Story?

Open Photo Story, locate the file that you would like to use and open it. Choose a picture and click on "Customize Motion."Select and click on "Transition" and click on "Cross Fade." Click on "The ... Read More »

Photo scanning, slides and negatives?

A Regular Scanner can be used to scan Negatives and Slides however Quality is the real question. A scanner specifically designed for that purpose will provide a better quality than one that is not... Read More »

How do I transform my photo slides to digital?

scanner with automatic slide scanner option....HP is cheap...