Can we all count ourselves lucky that snot has no smell?

Answer It does smell! It's just that we don't notice because it's always there! smell a bit like Noel Edmonds!

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Ok me and my husband are trying for our 2nd baby i had a discharge that was clear and looked like snot because?

I see that all the time in my line of work. Throw some against the wall, if it sticks you are pergonewt. If not..well, I am sorry for your lots.

Have all the great cooks ruined our lives, by making food taste so good, that we eat ourselves to death?

Well, they certainly can spoil us rotten. My Mom is an absolutely AMAZING cook in that she can make even a cheap cut of meat taste absolutely delectable....That's truly the hallmark of any great ch... Read More »

I have 2 roomates who smoke, I cant stand the smell any ideas on getting rid of that disgusting smell?

Move out. That stuff is going to kill you.

We moved into an old house, has a bad smell.The gas man came, not that.The smell only comes when heat is on.?

The smell could be coming from mold growing in the concrete of the walls and floor of the basement. Sometimes that mold will also get into heating ducts and grow there. There are companies that w... Read More »