Can water pills make you lose weight?

Answer On One Hand: Quick BenefitsWater pills have a simple use. They are diuretics that cause the kidneys to eliminate sodium from the body, therefore expelling excess water and causing weight loss. This... Read More »

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Do water pills help you lose weight or inches how much?

If you are taking water pills, which pull water out of your body, drinking more water will just cancel the effect. If these are over the counter pills, you will find that they lose their effectiven... Read More »

How to Lose Weight Without Taking Pills?

All over the net you will find ads for weight loss using all kinds of pills and drugs.Why, you don't need to buy anything. Just follow the steps below. It works!

What is the best Diet pills I can use to lose weight fast?

I think the mentality of trying to lose weight fast will only get you in trouble, but the only diet pill I've ever tried that I had some results with, was the free 2 week sample of Alli and I can t... Read More »

Drinking alot of water make you lose weight?

It does burn calories to digest things that have no calories. Also, cold water burns even more because the body has to warm up the water in order to digest it. But don't overdo it, you can overdose... Read More »