Can water on the knee be fatal?

Answer On One Hand: It's Not FatalWater on the knee, known clinically as a knee effusion, is a painful but non-fatal condition typically caused by a sports injury or as a side effect of obesity. An effusi... Read More »

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What can be done for water on the knee caused by falling down and hitting the knee?

I have recently suffered the same injury. My knee is puffy and noticeably swollen but with only slight pain and a tendency to favor it when climbing stairs. Will be seeing a doctor next week but in... Read More »

Can To much water in unborn baby's kidneys be fatal?

My guess would be yes. The reason that I say this is because you need a specially trained person to use the feeding pump, feedings tube, and feedings. Preschools/Schools without a person specialize... Read More »

I have knee pain woke up and it is painful to extend the knee(only one knee) or bend it in a lot. what is up?

I would suspect you have a weak kidney. The knees can become weak due to this kidney issue. Being in sports and exerting yourself, especially hockey where you are in cold weather, you are not as ... Read More »

How do you get rid of "water" on the knee?

The term is to Aspirate the fluid from the knee. This is done by means of a topical anaesthetic, aspiration of the fluid by means of a syringe, all done within the confines of the doctors office. R... Read More »