Can watching wide screen DVDs on a flat screen TV burn the TV?

Answer On a plasma, it could burn in. On an LCD it could cause image retention if you always watch with the top and bottom black bars. But as long as you alternate full screen tv viewing with the widesc... Read More »

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Can DVDs made for wide screen TVs be viewed on full screen TVs?

Yes, but there might be black bars across the top and bottom of the picture.

When viewing dvds - which is better - wide screen or regular?

A lot of people have got it completely wrong. Wide-screen doesn't cut off the picture, a wide-screen picture that is adapted to 4:3 cuts off the picture. For me, if the screen is 27" or larger I ... Read More »

How wide is a 52 flat screen tv?

How wide is a 32-inch flat-screen TV?

The phrase 32-inch flat-screen TV refers to the distance from one corner of the television to the opposite corner. The actual width of a 32-inch TV varies depending on the manufacturer. The Vizio 3... Read More »