Can watching TV affect your heart rate?

Answer While the content on television can be riveting mentally, there are also physiological effects to watching TV, including heart rate. The rate of the human heart is affected by a variety of factors ... Read More »

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Why Does Music Affect Your Heart Rate?

Music has a powerful influence on a listener's heart rate. If you have ever felt a surge of energy when your favorite upbeat song comes on the radio, or if you listen to slow music to relax, the em... Read More »

Why do jumping jacks affect your heart rate?

Jumping jacks affect your heart rate because they are a cardiovascular exercise. All cardio workouts increase your heart rate. In addition, jumping jacks are also a strength training exercise.How t... Read More »

Does your size affect your RESTING heart rate?

How does the hummingbird's incredibly high heart rate affect its metabolism?

Many species of hummingbirds live throughout the Americas, from Alaska to the tip of South America. These small birds vary in color, size and shape, but one trait they all share is a rapid heart ra... Read More »