Can watching 3d movies without glasses damage eyesight?

Answer No all it will do is look blurry to him. They use polarized light to get one movie to each eye. With glasses on you are still seeing those 2 light waves. It is just each eye only sees one of the... Read More »

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Can watching TV and facing computer screen damage my eyesight?

First of all, yes and no.Yes: your eyes do get tired after some time in front of the computer/TV screen.No: your eyesight does get damaged after hours and hours in front of the screen.Here's a link... Read More »

Does watching tv affect my eyesight?

Most Americans have at least one television in their home and according to the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, people watch about six hours of programming a day. Considering that TV's emit... Read More »

How to Fix Eyesight Without Glasses?

Glasses are an essential tool for millions of people, which allows them to drive safely, enjoy a trip to the cinema or even peruse important paper and electronic documents at work. For those who do... Read More »

How do i get better eyesight without contacts or glasses?

Well, if your eyesight isn't bad enough for glasses, you shouldn't look into lasik at all. Eat carrots, they do help. Incorporate them into your diet.