Can wasps leave a stinger behind?

Answer Like bees, wasps sting, injecting a protein-based venom, to defend themselves and their colonies. But unlike with bees, wasp stingers are not barbed so they can withdraw them intact and without inj... Read More »

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What happens when you get stung by a bee and you leave part of the stinger in the skin?

A foreign body under the skin will work itself out as part of the healing process.The only issue with bee stingers is that leaving it in exposes you to more of venom in the stinger ... as long as y... Read More »

When do wasps leave?

Wasps hang around when there is food or a threat, but they leave when food or the threat is removed. To make wasps leave, take food indoors or cover it. If a wasp is investigating you, avert your e... Read More »

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