Can volvo s80 rotors be turned?

Answer Volvo S80 rotors can be turned to prevent squeaking and grinding. Rather than replacing them, some mechanics will rotate rotors so that a different area of the rotor meets the brake pad.Source:Yaho... Read More »

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Do Rotors Have to Be Turned in a Brake Job?

Many garages will routinely perform a rotor resurfacing with every brake service. An examination of brake service specifications and technical bulletins from auto manufacturers reveals that while r... Read More »

How to Replace Rotors on an S60 Volvo?

The design of brake rotors on the Volvo S60 stops the car via friction. The brake caliper holds a front and back brake pad. When you depress the brake pedal with your foot, it squeezes the two pads... Read More »

How to Repair Volvo S60 Rotors?

Introduced in the year 2000, the S60 is a four door, executive sedan made by Swedish automaker Volvo. In order for your Volvo S60 to stop correctly, your brake pads and rotors must be in working or... Read More »

When Replacing Disc Brakes Do Rotors Need to Be Turned?

The quick answer to whether rotors need to be turned (also known as machined or resurfaced) is no. Turning the rotor removes it from the vehicle and brings it to a lathe or employs an on-car lathe,... Read More »