Can vitiligo effect to the baby in womb?

Answer According to American vitiligo research foundation there are a few reported cases of vitiligo present at birth. So according to this statement we can assume that vitiligo can affect a baby in the w... Read More »

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Will lortab effect the baby in the womb?

Yes, like most opiates, hydrocodone can pass though the placental circulation and cause primarily mental deficit symptoms, depending on what stage of pregnancy the opiates were taken, in what quant... Read More »

Can you tell if the baby is autistic before it was born. ie. While the baby is still in the mother's womb?

No, this shows in the child's behavior when the child is a bit older.

Do baby's cry in the womb?

Which way baby comes out from her mom's womb?

In normal births, babies come out upside-down (head first), but others come out rear first (breech birth).