Can vitamin C reverse gray hair?

Answer On One Hand: No Conclusive StudiesAs of the writing of this article, there have not been any clinical studies published to confirm the effects of Vitamin C on reversing gray hair. Vitamin C found i... Read More »

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How to Reverse Gray Hair?

Everyone begins to have graying hair at some point in their lives, and this can depend upon a number of factors, including age and genetics. Your hair begins to turn gray when your hair follicles s... Read More »

Does vitamin C get rid of gray hair?

On One Hand: Dead FollicleGray hair is a dead follicle that no longer produces pigment, according to Scientific American. Once the hair follicle dies there is nothing to get rid of gray hair. Illne... Read More »

Medicine to Reverse Gray Hair?

Mirrors don't lie when it comes to revealing gray hair, a part of the natural aging process for all mammals. Scientists blame chemicals, ultraviolet light and radiation for causing stress to the D... Read More »

How to Reverse Gray Hair Cosmetic Appearance?

For the majority of people, greying hair is a fact of getting older, and some may find themselves with premature grey through an unfortunate genetic predisposition. While there is no medically-appr... Read More »