Can visual memory problems be helped?

Answer Visual memory is an individual's ability to recall what he has seen. People with visual memory problems may have some trouble with reading and spelling. Fortunately, you can improve your visual mem... Read More »

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What are the treatments for visual memory problems?

Visual memory problems make it difficult for a person to learn how to read and comprehending written text, spell new words, remember phone numbers. There are no cures for visual memory problems, bu... Read More »

Problems With Visual & Perceptual Memory?

Visual perception is the aspect of memory that helps people remember what they have seen. For children, problems with visual and perceptual memory often result in difficulties with school work. Som... Read More »

Does audio help visual memory?

On One Hand: Benefits of Audio CuesThere are many different learning styles. Some people learn by seeing, some by doing and some by hearing. Some people find it difficult to learn visual informatio... Read More »

Visual Learning Problems?

Parents want their children to be normal functioning individuals, and adults want to be equal to their peers, but sometimes nature dictates other circumstances. Children and adults can develop cert... Read More »