Can viruses and errors slow down my internet?

Answer Worms can slow down your computer because they are designed usually for information stealing. With the steady stream of information leaving through the back door speeds can decrease significantly.

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Why Is My Computer So Slow With No Viruses?

Every computer owner knows that over time your computer will start taking longer to do tasks it used to whiz through. While viruses are often a possible culprit, perhaps you've done a thorough viru... Read More »

My computer is running so slow and keeps turning off think got viruses can u help?

no no no! Do you get any sign it might be a virus? Maybe its not and you could be damaging your PC. Does your PC sit in a dusty environment? is the lid open at all? Is it old? It could be that dust... Read More »

How do viruses make typing slow on my computer?

Computer viruses are designed to do a large amount of harm to your computer and they can effect all types of programs. If the word processor programs on your computer are running very slow, a virus... Read More »

My computer is slow, but not because of viruses, just needs more memory, can an external hardrive do the trick?

Look up your system model on the support section of the manufacturer's page. There will be a lot of technical jargon in the RAM section that you will probably not understand. Copy it down and tak... Read More »