Can viruses and errors slow down my internet?

Answer Worms can slow down your computer because they are designed usually for information stealing. With the steady stream of information leaving through the back door speeds can decrease significantly.

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Does a slow computer slow down internet?

No, internet speed is based upon your ISP (internet service provider). If your computer is running slow, follow these steps.1) Clean up the disk. Uninstall unneeded programs (especially those that ... Read More »

How to Slow Down My Internet Connection Speed?

Sometimes when you are sharing your Internet connection you need to slow down your Internet connection to avoid running out of your Internet usage quota, usually preset by your Service Provider. Ty... Read More »

Does a router slow down internet speed?

Routers can slow down your Internet connection's speed. However, this is not always because of the router. First check that your ISP is not having connectivity issues with the modem; also check you... Read More »

Do telephone plugs/sockets slow down internet?

if you have access to cable internet, skip adsl and go for cable (provided rates are faster). the critical upload rate should be about 2x-10x faster.backhaul may be an option if you need speed and ... Read More »