Can viruses affect DVD players?

Answer No not really

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How do worms&viruses affect your computer?

Most computer users know that viruses and worms are malicious programs that destroy data. However, it is important to recognize these programs and learn how to keep your computer safe from maliciou... Read More »

I want to buy an Apple laptop. Is it true that there are no viruses that could affect it?

Hi, Mac OS X is getting vulnerable to viruses as its getting more popular. You will need to run a firewall at all times so no hacker gains access to your system. There r anti virus programs out for... Read More »

What is the advantage of a blue ray disc players over regular dvd players?

Well, the "Advantage" is simple: Blu-Ray discs are capable of holding more data, thusly they are capable of producing a better image on-screen. What does this mean? Well, your average single-laye... Read More »

Why do people buy PC's, CD players dvd players, xbox's etc. when we now have the playstation3?

We just got one, and just like you say, it does it all. Brilliant piece of technology. Everything in one package, saves on space and money, and an all round entertainment centre.xx