Can virgins become pregnant?

Answer If you are asking if someone who has *never* had sex can become pregnant without having sex, then no. Someone who was and still is a virgin can not be pregnant. If you are asking if someone who *w... Read More »

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Do virgins get pregnant without ejaculation?

anytime that sperm makes contact with the vaginal canal there is a possibility of getting pregnant.... if you are asking im guessing you are young or new to sex. please be smarter in the future....... Read More »

Do virgins always bleed?

the first time i had sex i didnt bleed but the second time i had sex i bleed so bad i thought i started...every women is all depends on the size and shape of her hymen..

How many virgins have given birth?

One. Her name was Mary. Her son's name was Jesus Christ.

If two virgins have sex for the first time, can they get an SUV?

Well there's always a chance if one of the had been sexually involved with a minivan, but that's a whole different story.