Can video games cause aggressive behavior?

Answer On One Hand: Fantasy Becomes RealityFor some children and teenagers, the video game becomes a comfort and protection of sorts. The players begin to feel empowered while playing the game and sometim... Read More »

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Do video games cause bad behavior in children?

No, studies have shown video games satisfy people's needs, however if your child is mentally unstable violent games may have negative effects on them.

Does violence in video games create negative behavior in children and adults?

On One Hand: There is a Definite CorrelationCNN reports that Dr. L. Rowell Huesmann has performed extensive research in this field and found that children who play video games are more prone to vio... Read More »

How do I Deal With Aggressive Behavior?

In certain situations, such as disagreements or misunderstandings, a person might become aggressive with his communication. Knowing how to deal with aggressive behavior is necessary to take control... Read More »

Dairy & Aggressive Behavior?

Dairy cows are raised in order to produce milk for human consumption. Dairy cows are bred to be fairly sociable animals, but improper care of these animals can lead to aggressive behavior in dairie... Read More »