Can vegetarians eat fish?

Answer Labels don't matter, you eat fish if you want to. You have not signed any contract, or joined any society It is your free will and conscience that dictates what you choose. If anyone chose to say y... Read More »

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Why don't vegetarians eat fish isn't eating fish healthy?

By definition, vegetarians do not eat fish. If a person were to eat fish, then she could not be a vegetarian. The most popular reasons for not eating fish seem to be moral and ethical, ahead of hea... Read More »

Why do vegetarians eat fish?

Actual vegetarians do not eat fish. Some people are confused or misinformed about weather fish can be included in a vegetarian diet(it cannot). Someone who eats fish is not a vegetarian, they are a... Read More »

I don't get it..that vegetarians eat fish.....?

No, she was a confused pescetarian.A lot of people still think vegetarians eat fish, including Jillian McKeith - and her whole career is food!

Why do some vegetarians eat fish ?

Vegetarians do not eat fish.Those people have a special name, its "confusing wannabees".You'll find they upset all vegetarians with thier nonsense. Just look at all the thumbs down for the fishy an... Read More »