Can vegans drink this?

Answer If you said I've heard that sometimes concentrate juices are filtered with fish gelatin then No. Because gelatin is not vegan nor vegatian .But it it doesn't says gelatin on the ingredients then it... Read More »

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Vegans don't drink milk...why?

First of all, cheese is made of milk, which is why vegans are against it, so you really don't understand why they're against cheese if you don't understand why they're against milk.Second, it's tru... Read More »

Are Vegans suppose to drink milk?

Dairy cows have to have a calf roughly each year to be milked. The calves are killed straight away or sold as veal. Dairy cows typically produce 10x as much milk as they would naturally and work th... Read More »

Can vegans eat chicken or drink milk?

Vegans don't eat chicken or drink milk. Vegans avoid eating or drinking any animal by-products. According to Vegan Outreach, vegans can eat nutritious meat substitutes and fortified dairy alternati... Read More »

Why its ok for vegans to smoke weed and drink alcohol but they wont do meat?