Can uterine ablation be done while on a period?

Answer On One Hand: Can Be Performed During MenstruationUterine ablation, also known as endometrial ablation, is the nonsurgical removal or destruction of the lining of the uterus. As a less invasive proc... Read More »

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Can I have sex after a uterine ablation?

On One Hand: Wait At Least Two to Three WeeksAfter an endometrial ablation, or uterine ablation, a woman will experience bleeding and discharge for a period of time. Alana Healthcare For Women reco... Read More »

What is done during uterine fibroid removal?

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growths on the uterus. Although they are not cancerous, they may pose a health threat, and surgical removal is sometimes necessary.HysterectomyA hysterectomy--rem... Read More »

Period like cramping 7 days after conception creamy mucus period is 4 days late however done 2 at home tests came up negative Could you still be pregnant?

Answer My pregnancy tests did not show positive until 3 days after my period was due. I also had slight cramping like the start of a period for the next two weeks. At 6 weeks my cramps suddenly ... Read More »

I had dry sex w no clothes he did not ejaculate on me I got my period the 22nd it was on time you can still get your period while being pregnant I took a test it came up negative Should i worry?

no u do not have to worry you cant get pregnant. unless the guy ejackulates inside you can get pregnant. if u missed your period then you have to worry.