Can use LG 3D glasses on a Samsung 3D TV?

Answer No. there is no way you can use LG 3D glasses on Samsung 3D TV, they use different technology.

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Can i use last years samsung 3d glasses with this years samsung 3d tv's?

Possibly. I would take the glasses to a TV store and try them. Samsung changed their 3d sync technology last year, so it may not work.

Why are Samsung 3D tv glasses so heavy?

They aren't. 23 grams is not heavy and that's the weight of one of their latest pairs of glasses.

Will lg 3d glasses work on a Samsung tv?

No. LGs glasses are polarized and only work on any cinema 3D TV Types. Samsung's 3D glasses are shutter glasses 3d type models however they only work on samsung models and not other active types.

Does Samsung 3D TV come with 3D glasses?

Most 3D televisions are supplied with glasses. If they aren't part of the package, ask the dealer to include them. There is a lot of competition for 3D television so manufacturers and dealers shoul... Read More »