Can unprotected sex lead to pregnancy after menopause?

Answer No.

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Can you experience pregnancy symptoms a week after unprotected sex?

AnswerIt's possible, but not likely. If you think you are pregnant, go see a doctor or wait until you are late for your period and take a home test. AnswerI experienced pregnancy symptoms 5 days a... Read More »

Could you test for pregnancy a week after unprotected sex?

Are stomach pains right after unprotected sex a symptom of pregnancy?

Answer No.Stomach pains after sex does not indicate pregnancy - one way or the other. It is impossible to tell this early.

How many days after unprotected sex can you feel pregnancy symptoms?

I never had a stronger sense of smell. And I have been pregnant 6 times. There are many many pregnancy symptoms, and not everyone has ALL of them.It usually takes... lets say 8 to 12 days for the e... Read More »