Can unopened tattoo ink expire?

Answer Tattoo ink may expire. Inks that are powder-based will not expire for five to ten years, while pre-dispersed inks may have a shorter shelf life. Tattoo ink manufacturers, including MOMs Millineum a... Read More »

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How to Identify an Unopened Geode?

Geodes are very interesting rocks with cool hollows filled with crystal. They are found in Utah, Mexico, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, Arizona, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, U... Read More »

When does unopened milk start to get bad?

If it doesn't smell bad or taste bad, drink a cup.

How long can you keep unopened spices?

you can keep them as long as you want if they are natural spices only

How much is an unopened squirt bottle with a 7up cap?

IF you have that somebody did that post production as a joke and you can be sure it wasn't a Coca~Cola employee. You should be able to get a buck for it.