Can unemployment wages be garnished?

Answer Federal law prohibits creditors from garnishing unemployment wages, with the exception of two cases. The only time unemployment wages can be garnished is if the judgment is for child or spousal sup... Read More »

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Criteria for Garnished Wages?

When wages are garnished, it means a lender, a creditor or tax collector has sought repayment by requiring a person's employer to divert some of his earnings toward a debt. State and federal laws g... Read More »

Can my wages be garnished in addition to a Chapter 13?

When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, creditors are supposed to stop using wage garnishments as a tool to collect on delinquent accounts. But if the garnishment continues, you may have to petiti... Read More »

How much of your wages can be garnished?

A wage garnishment is the process by which a creditor can demand that your employer withhold a portion of your earnings every pay period to satisfy a debt. Title III of the Consumer Credit Protecti... Read More »

Can my wages be garnished for my husband's debt?

On One Hand: Creditors Can Go After You.Marriage is a partnership, and each of you is liable for any debts incurred during the marriage, according to BCS Alliance, a credit and debt solutions websi... Read More »