Can unemployment insurance be collected while on SS Disability in Colorado?

Answer usually it takes around 3-5 business days during the holidays it takes much longer 5-7.

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Can a person collect short term disability in Colorado while on unemployment?

Check your policy for language about disability while unemployed. Many will require that you be unable to perform two or more activities of daily living.

Can disability insurance help you pay for medical costs while collecting unemployment?

AnswerTo collect unemployment you have to be available for work. So, you would probably NOT be considered disabled to collect under your Disability Policy.For more info check out the State DI and S... Read More »

How is the state disability insurance collected and where does it go?

Can you draw unemployment if you are off on disability due to surgery and you don't have disability insurance?

First, if your surgery was due in any part to working conditions, you may be eligible for Worker's Comp. Second, if you are away from work temporarily, you are not unemployed as you still have a jo... Read More »