Can uncut pumpkins grow other pumpkins inside them?

Answer no

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Do smaller pumpkins have more seeds than bigger pumpkins?

Bigger pumpkins have up to 50 seeds while a small pumpkin has up to about 25 seeds.

How do pumpkins look on the inside?

The inside looks a lighter shade of orange than out. It has the pumpkin flesh for walls, floor, and ceiling. The flesh doesn't have the layering of skin, or rind, that the outside has. The inside h... Read More »

How do you grow pumpkins?

smash the pumpkins on the road or cement,pick up the seeds,find rich soil in your backyard if you don't have a backyard try to find soil,dig,plant the seeds but spread them apart and only plant 5-6... Read More »

Do pumpkins grow on trees?