Can u work on computer without using mouse?

Answer yes... that what the Ctrl and Tab button are for

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How does I press "copy" or "paste" on my computer keyboard without using my mouse?

Ctrl + C is copyCtrl + V is pasteCtrl + Z is undo (comes in handy)Ctrl + P is printCtrl + N opens a new Internet Explorer windowAlt + Tab lets you cycle quickly through all your open windowsThe lit... Read More »

How to Use Your Computer Without a Mouse?

Keyboard shortcutsIf you don’t like using a mouse or feel like it’s slowing you down, there are hundreds of keyboard shortcuts you can use instead. Here are some keyboard workarounds to use on ... Read More »

Is it possible to use computer completely without a mouse?

Technically yes, but its not really preferred.If you have windows then you can go to start menu-->control panel-->accessibility options then go to the tab "mouse" and enable mouse keys. So if you h... Read More »

A mouse is a mouse. more than one mouse is call mice. what do you call more then one mouse (computer mouse)?