Can u use the ipod touch for a computer mouse?

Answer Yes there are apps that snc to a laptop with bluetooth enabled, but what would be the point? you have a touchpad right?

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How to Install a Touch Mouse App on a Computer?

Logitech offers a Touch Mouse software that allows you to control your computer with your iPhone or iPod Touch. For the software to work, you need to install an app on your iPhone or iPod Touch. In... Read More »

How do you jailbreak your iPod Touch without using a computer?

As of the iOS Update 4.0.1, it is impossible to use the TIFF exploit found at, one of the only ways to JailBreak without a computer. And before you go asking if JailBreaking is ... Read More »

How to Charge the iPod Touch With a Computer?

Apple iPods utilize a few different ways of charging them. You can charge it by different docks or by the standard USB cable that comes with the iPod Touch. Using the USB cable allows you to connec... Read More »

How to Sync More Than One iPod Touch to the Same Computer?

Apple's iTunes multimedia management software can synchronize your computer with your iPod touch and create a backup of the device's content and settings. You can link up to five different computer... Read More »