Can u top this price?

Answer That's way too expensive. If you go to WalMart or a supermarket, you can get the store brand for around half that much.

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Is this a good DSLR for the price?

In my opinion you should sleep in and later order the Pentax K-x from B&H. The Canon XS was introduced in 2008 so its two years behind in technology. Here is what the Pentax K-x offers you:1) A CMO... Read More »

Is this a good camera for the price?

I have never heard of that brand name, but it's only 59.99 with free shipping. I would get it!........As a matter of fact. I think I will buy it. I need a video camera.Thanks! =)

Is this a good laptop for the price?

buying direct from Lenovo website will be cheaper...------------never mind it looks fine for $479.99but if i remember correctly, lenovo doesn't offer direct's prepaid card rebate so you h... Read More »

Is this a good price for lobster?

I think its not too bad, in some places it cost about 14-18 dollars for just a lobster tail or two.