Can u report someone at school for saying something on facebook?

Answer Whats facebook. Well techinacly he can unless you somehow erase trhe memory of the file

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Why are people saying on facebook why wassup does it mean something?

say someone asks what's up with _____ (name)people would answer saying oh _____? you mean the one who's is tall, skinny, blonde, etc.except they're saying nice, or unique things about you :) then y... Read More »

How to Report Something on Facebook?

The Facebook social networking website gives Facebook users the ability to report profiles, photos, messages, groups, events, pages and posts that violate Facebook's terms of use to Facebook. If yo... Read More »

How can I report someone on facebook?

Go to the Profile than Click on the Circle Than Click on Report/Block and From there you Should Be Able to Report the Profile

How to Report Someone on Facebook?

If someone on Facebook is annoying you or being abusive, you can report him to Facebook Moderators. To do so, follow the instructions below.