Can u realy trust waikipidia ?

Answer Well it isn't always 100% accurate, however they do provide very informative links to sources which can be very credible. So you can't trust the information all the time, however it can lead you to... Read More »

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Does a beneficiary of a living trust have the right to see the trust?

A beneficiary's right to examine a revocable living trust does not exist until the trustor---the person who made the trust---dies. The beneficiary then has the right to request a copy of the trust ... Read More »

Is a living trust a testamentary trust?

A living trust is not a testamentary trust. A living trust--also known as an "inter vivos trust"--takes effect in the maker's lifetime. In contrast, a testamentary will go into effect only after th... Read More »

Did realy Osama killed?

Would the US police Force lie about killing him. His dead, they wouldn't have it all over TV if he wasn't.

Did Shipwrecked's Lara realy die in a crash?

Don't think so. i think she is alive and well