Can u really die from pop rocks and soda?

Answer no u cantMythBusters tested that very myth out, turns out u cant die from pop rocks mixed with soda

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Can drinking too much soda cause diabetes i really don't drink water at all i'm really bad?

yes it cause diabetic in your body if you continues to do that u never live long life and also eat junk food and candy......but u can also drink diet soda for less also victim here

If you eat pop rocks and drink coke does your stomach really explode?

LoL! I have no idea but I have heard of this before. Would love to see if it was real of not! *races off to get the pop rocks and coke*

Can I use a household drill on polished quartz rocks, sunstones, and sodalite rocks?

You'll need a diamond drill bit, something to pour water over the stone while you drill to keep the bit cool, and some sort of jig to hold the stone in place while you drill.

Is Subsoil Mostly Made of Solar Energy or Petroleum or Small Rocks or Solid Rocks?

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