Can u name any Microsoft programs?

Answer TONS of programs are Microsoft... such as Internet Explorer...FrontPageWordExcelFlight SimulatorOutlookPowerPointAccessPaintPublisherHome PublshingMicrosoft (Kodak) Image Editor Microsoft Picture a... Read More »

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Is there any other programs I can use other than Microsoft word?

TextEdit is another. But it's not as easy to set up and have a good format as Microsoft Word.

How do I install programs from CD on microsoft XP?

Using Auto PlayInsert the CD into your computers CD-ROM drive. With "autoplay" enabled, a dialog window will pop up on screen. Click "Run" and the program will install automatically.Manually Instal... Read More »

How do I install programs from a CD on Microsoft XP?

PreparationInsert the installation CD in your computer's CD/DVD drive. The Setup Wizard should automatically begin. If it does not start, double-click "My Computer" on your desktop. An alternative ... Read More »

How to Get Microsoft Programs to Run on Linux?

The Wine utility allows you to run Windows programs on the Linux operating system. The utility provides a compatibility layer between the Windows programs and the Linux operating system. Wine does ... Read More »