Why do girls give their numbers when they don't pickup when yo call them?

Answer Probaby because they were just being nice and giving you there number when they weren't really interested. They would rather ignore your calls then tell you face to face they aren't into you. Also ... Read More »

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Can you give me some information on the people that distribute phone numbers?

You have put this question in an appropriate category!First, what is an 800 number? It is a toll free number that a person purchases to ring on their land line phone. They pay a monthly fee and the... Read More »

What fone do u have?

i have a motorola c115,cost £7.50 off ideal world,and i can say on it,"i'm on the train---",just the same as the 'posh' ones.

What fone should i get?

I would get the glyde(the fourth one) that phone is the best! I hate the chocolate becuase no offense but not only is it ugly but they break easily.. The blackberrys are more for like older people ... Read More »

Should a 13 year old have a fone?

What's a fone?I need to call my friend and ask him what a fone is. Let me get my phone so I can call him and ask him what a fone is.