Can you give me some information on the people that distribute phone numbers?

Answer You have put this question in an appropriate category!First, what is an 800 number? It is a toll free number that a person purchases to ring on their land line phone. They pay a monthly fee and the... Read More »

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How do you spell fone?

What fone do u have?

i have a motorola c115,cost £7.50 off ideal world,and i can say on it,"i'm on the train---",just the same as the 'posh' ones.


If i only knew he probably has changed his # many times

What fone should i get?

I would get the glyde(the fourth one) that phone is the best! I hate the chocolate becuase no offense but not only is it ugly but they break easily.. The blackberrys are more for like older people ... Read More »