Can u get in legal trouble for posting false stuff about people on wikipedia?

Answer You can get into serious trouble, ( libel/slander ), for posting anything false about anyone on Wikipedia or anywhere else. The person can file a lawsuit against you. Your cost will depend on how g... Read More »

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How does Wikipedia get all there information about people and stuff?

A lot of it is plagiarized from good sources (like books and newspapers), but also a lot of it is just plain made up. But, to make things difficult for you, the truths, lies and misunderstandings a... Read More »

Can I sue someone for posting false claims about my business on the Internet?

When someone posts false claims on the Internet it is called Internet libel. Internet libel is prosecuted like any other form of libel in media. So yes, you can sue.References:University of Buffalo... Read More »

What gets peeps attention when posting stuff about myself n the iternet?

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What's to stop people putting false info on wikipedia?

People generally don't knowingly put false information in Wikipedia because it harms those who consult the encyclopedia and most people avoid harming others. However, sometimes it is done as a pran... Read More »