Can u find out who wrote on your formspring?

Answer you could, but sadly, if its anonymous you can't, some people could over ride the system, and hack, but if u do that, formspring WILL delete you account. and will forbid your computer to make a new... Read More »

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Would you find it annoying if one of your co-workers wrote all of his/her emails in Old English Text font...?

I'd get a kick out of receiving them too, knowing the motivation behind them.But I somehow doubt that too many of your co-workers share my twisted sense of humour - or the intrinsic admiration I fe... Read More »


How to Add Formspring to Facebook?

Formspring is a social networking tool that allows its users to answer questions posed by friends, followers and Formspring's own bank of questions. Your answers to these questions appear in a time... Read More »

Is formspring any good?

Well, I use mine as Lyra, not as my real name. I originally only made one because Joshms kept telling me to, but now I use it as another way to keep in touch with my Y!A friends. As far as I know, ... Read More »