Can u faint in your sleep?

Answer no, i dont think so but when you wake up and sit up or something like that too fast you can feel dizzy and wierd

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Was I about to faint?

Totally sounds like you were about to faint. ( The feeling of dying is because your body is panicking from an unknown feeling, it's common when you feel faint) I have fainted several times before d... Read More »

I think I might have gotten my BFP VERRRRY FAINT?

If you can see it at all then it is a BFP!!!!! Congratulations!!!The exact thing happened to me just a week and a half ago - I was 5 or 6 days before my period was due and I did a test and the line... Read More »

Has it ever made you faint?

It's made my eyes water a bit...... forgot the safety goggles :'(edit: *notices category* Ahhh! *runs away*

How can you faint on purpose?

There's only two ways I know how to do that but one involves pain. the other way is to stand up and lock your knees. All your blood will get caught in your legs and not enough blood to your brain. ... Read More »