Can u ever fully recover from a back injury?

Answer depends how serious it is

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How to Recover From a Back Injury?

Done something to your back as of recently? Have you been left uncomfortable or in pain? Back injuries make up 20% of all injuries that occur in the workplace due to lifting heavy objects and strai... Read More »

How to Recover From a Foot Injury?

If you sustain a foot injury, it can affect everything you do, from working to exercising to just getting around. Recovery from a foot injury can take weeks. If you don't take care of the injury, i... Read More »

How to Recover from Self Injury?

Many of us face self-esteem issues everyday, however some of us have a hard time coping in a healthy way. Self-injury can become addictive but by following these steps, you will be well on your way... Read More »

What can i do to recover from possible RSI injury?

I'm thinking you have a pinched nerve Doc...You should take a nice long hot bath and submerge your shoulder under the warmth of the water, and then put on a heat bag when you get out. The warmth w... Read More »