Can u ever fully recover from a back injury?

Answer depends how serious it is

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How to Recover From a Back Injury?

Done something to your back as of recently? Have you been left uncomfortable or in pain? Back injuries make up 20% of all injuries that occur in the workplace due to lifting heavy objects and strai... Read More »

Can someone fully recover if they have been poked in the eye with a pen or pencil?

they cannot all will depending on the specifics of the damageusually yes

Bad Injury, Will I Recover?

I’m sorry to hear that. Just stay in touch with your doctor often. Ask for your doctor’s mobile number so that you may reach him so that you may ask him what to do if you’re feeling pain. You... Read More »

What can i do to recover from possible RSI injury?

I'm thinking you have a pinched nerve Doc...You should take a nice long hot bath and submerge your shoulder under the warmth of the water, and then put on a heat bag when you get out. The warmth w... Read More »