Can u blind yourself if you put your face on a scanner with your eyes closed?

Answer I assume you are talking about the scanning light. It is generally a ccfl light tube the same as used in the lcd monitor back lighting, but now being replaced by LED lights.Or or similar to the flo... Read More »

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Is it okay to scan your face on a scanner while your eyes are open?

It is okay.At least is not as dangerous as trying to fax your penis...

How to Keep Someone's Eyes Closed?

Ever want someone to have their eyes closed?  Did you ever want to keep someone asleep for extra time for some reason, such as a birthday surprise, a prank, or something else?  Well, here's how!

Why do my eyes look partially closed?

Just look at the text in your linkEven the picture has a watermark

Why do we sleep with our eyes closed?

my mum dont she sleeps with her eyes open it freaks me right out when i go in her room i think she awake but she snoring her head off