Can tying something around your wrist to tight kill you?

Answer It will either cut off blood circulation (most likely) or create a blood clot. Either way you will have a very large chance of dying. xD

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Can you kill yourself by cutting a vein in your wrist?

1)you bleed out if you cut the blue veins#2)cut up and down on the vein#3)painful#4)yes it could kill her#5)yes a lot of blood#6)yes it will make you pass out from lost of blood#7)yeah it would hav... Read More »

What are the possible causes of a tight feeling around your stomach?

-Abdominal injury-Abdominal muscle cramps -Constipation and diarrhea -Gastritis (inflammation of the stomach)-Gynecological problems-Hiatal hernia-Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)-Mass within the abd... Read More »

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