Can two white people produce a mexican looking baby?

Answer I don't know why you're asking, if you belive the DNA test was genuine. You have the evidence right in front of you that two lighter skinned people can indeed produce a dark skinned, dark eyed chil... Read More »

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If a man that is half black and half white has a baby with a all white woman what are the odds of the baby being white skinned?

I'll have to go with white because many people i know that is like that normally they come out the same color of their mother.

Is Nathan kress Mexican or white?

How to Make Mexican White Cheese Sauce?

A traditional Mexican favourite. White cheese sauce is very delicious as well as versitile. Here's how to make it.

Does anyone have the or a recipe close to the white cheese sauce like at the mexican restruants?

I love that cheese sauce, especially when it's made with Chihuahua cheese, and it's very easy to make.1 pound Chihuahua Cheese, coarsely grated (Monterey Jack or Asadero will do, but Chihuahua is b... Read More »