Can two people with bipolar disorder have a good marriage?

Answer On One Hand: Two People Could Support Each OtherBipolar disorder is a serious mental illness involving periods of mania and periods of severe depression. Many people don't know much about bipolar d... Read More »

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Are people with bipolar disorder dangerous?

On One Hand: People With Bipolar Are Not DangerousPeople with bipolar disorder are not dangerous. Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that causes severe mood swings that can be treated with medica... Read More »

Can people with bipolar disorder live normal lives?

On One Hand: It Can Be Difficult to ManageBipolar disorder is a form of depression where a person has intense and common mood swings as well as manic attacks. Although some depression can be treate... Read More »

Can bipolar disorder have an affiliation with night terrors?

On One Hand: Some AssociationsSome adults with a history of bipolar disorder also experience night terrors, but it is unclear how close these conditions can be associated. Bipolar disorder can caus... Read More »

How do people diagnose bipolar II disorder?

Bipolar disorder, once called manic depression, is characterized by mood swings from one extreme to the other. People with bipolar disorder may experience periods of heightened energy followed by ... Read More »