Can two boys have a baby?

Answer No. The only way two boys could have a baby is if one of the two boys used to be a girl, and they kept the girl organs.

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What is the difference between gerbil baby boys and baby girls?

Baby gerbils boys and girls are a bit like us humans. We all look different don't we? The boy gerbils have a larger rear end that sticks out a bit from behind where as girl gerbils have a smaller a... Read More »

How are baby boys different then baby girls?

they are different because there middle parts

When do baby boys often cry?

Anyone up for a boys baby name survey?

1. Jean 2. Finnegan 3. Leonardo 4. Santiago 5. Ezra6. Keith 7. Anson 8. Damian 9. Nestor 10. Peyton The only name I like up there is Peyton, but it was fun!