Can a brown haired brown eyed mom and a brown haired hazel eyed father have a blonde haired blue eyed baby?

Answer it is possible if someone related to you has blue eyes or if someone has blonde hair but i wouldn't worry about it because if you have a brown hair baby it will still be pretty some of the most bea... Read More »

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Can a blue eyed man and a brown eyed woman have a baby with hazel eyes?

It all depends on the baby, your family before you. So if you have any further questions I would ask a scientist or maybe even your primary care doctor. Glad to help. =)

Can 2 green eyed parents have a blue eyed baby?

Yes. It is all to do with genes. You have half of your gametes from each parent which are either dominant or recessive. From your question I assume that green is the dominant allele which can be re... Read More »

Can a man with blue eyes father a blue eyed child?

depends on the mothers eye color if she has brown eyes then it is about a 25% chance that the baby will have blue eyes

Blue eyed people: Do you have trouble getting a buzz from alcohol?

I heard that red eyed people can drink until they get fangs and hiss then they go feral and attack people.