Can twins be born at the same time?

Answer It is not humanly possible to push out two full sized babies at the same time through a 10 cm hole. I mean, could you imagine?! Babies can be born minutes, or even seconds apart, but it is not poss... Read More »

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Why are twins born same time?

Because two egg cells are in the uterus at the same time and maturing. Identical twins are one egg cell that separated, that's why some babies are born connected. Fraternal children are when two eg... Read More »

Mothers of TWINS, when your twins were born did you used to mix them up?

Unless your twins are identical you shouldn't have a problem. Most parents with twins will mark them. We marked my cousins (identical twins) with a permanent marker on the bottom of their feet unti... Read More »

How far apart can twins be born?

I'm a twin, and I was born first, whereas my sister didn't come out until an hour and 45 minutes later, which was deemed unusual!Usually, most twins are born about 20 minutes apart.

How often are Siamese twins born?

Answer Co-joined twins happen about once in every 50 thousand to 200 thousand live births.Live births on average happen every 39 seconds in the USA.