Can turbo tax do farm depreciation schedules?

Answer Some versions of TurboTax software can calculate farm depreciation. TurboTax's "Home & Business" and "Business" versions include the Internal Revenue Service's Schedule F--Profit/Loss from Farming ... Read More »

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How do I Figure Straight Line Depreciation on Farm Equipment for 2003?

Straight line depreciation is a depreciation method that reduces the worth of an asset at a constant rate over the life of that asset. For farm equipment in 2003, the most important part of the cal... Read More »

Difference Between Depreciation & Depreciation Expense?

In general usage, depreciation is the decline in an asset's value due to both internal and external causes. In accounting, depreciation is a decline in an asset's value during its useful lifespan, ... Read More »

I'm looking for a good preschool/kindergarten songwith a farm theme BESIDES Old McDonald Had a Farm.?

What about Dingle Dangle Scarecrow?I Went to Visit a Farm One Day..."On a Farm"(Sung to "London Bridge is Falling Down")Animals live on a farm, on a farm, on a farm.Animals live on a farm, with the... Read More »

Can you get farm tags on a truck without owning a farm in Pennsylvania?

To secure farm truck tags in Pennsylvania, a truck must be used only on a farm or farms owned by the truck's owner. Farm trucks may also be used on roads between parts of an individual farm or the ... Read More »