Can tungsten rings be resized?

Answer Tungsten rings cannot be resized. Most tungsten rings are made with tungsten alloyed with another substance. Conventional jeweler's tools and techniques for sizing will not work with this very hard... Read More »

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Can tungsten carbide rings be resized?

Tungsten carbide rings are not able to be resized because of the extreme hardness of the metal, which makes it difficult to work with. Because tungsten carbide rings cannot be resized, it is import... Read More »

What is the difference between tungsten rings&stainless steel rings?

Tungsten and stainless steel are metal options for rings that are highly durable. While they have a lot in common, there are some slight differences that may sway which one you choose.Scratch-Proof... Read More »

Can titanium rings be resized?

Titanium is a very strong metal and is a popular material for wedding rings. When buying a titanium ring, it is suggested that the ring size be accurate, as titanium rings are hard to resize. You c... Read More »

Can platinum rings be resized?

You can have platinum rings resized by a professional jeweler. Platinum is a long-wearing white metal used mostly for engagement rings and wedding bands because it is so expensive. Platinum can be ... Read More »